Sunday, November 7, 2010

Melly Kay,, and Blythe!

In my post below, I mentioned getting into the world of Blythe dolls. Well, over a year later I am still just as obsessed with these strange, amazing girls as I was at the beginning! is a fantastic blog, dedicated to all things Blythe! You can find great tips for saving up for your Blythe, storing all their clothes, and my favorite part - the interviews! has wonderful interviews with customizers, dolly clothing makers, etc.

The latest interview is with Melly Kay! MK transforms Blythe girls into amazing, creative, and colorful individuals! She is an incredible artist, and people are falling head over heels for her work, myself included!

So, head on over to, check out the wonderful site, and find out about Melly Kay! You'll be amazed!

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